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After a decade of sharing our delicious food with our friends and families, Nida Philippine Products  is officially registered in August 2017. Our goal is to share with the Filipino-European community our best-tasting Chicken and Pork Longganisa, Chicken and Pork Tocino, and Filipino Hotdogs. It is our pride to provide high quality, with a touch of artisanal preparation and native Filipino products for everyone to enjoy.  Expanding our horizons to Crispy Pata, bopis, sisig,  chicken chicharon skin and even more meat products available soon.

Nida Philippine Products are available in Filipino and Asian stores all over Europe.  Just visit your favorite shop and ask them about us. For retailer inquiries, contact Beagley Copperman or visit their website via

(L-R) Philippine Amabassador to the Netherlands, H.E. Amabassador J. Eduardo Malaya, Nida Philippine Products B.V. Founders, Ms. Nida Olthof-Sicat & Mr. Jelle Olthof, at the Philippine Embassy in The Hague, The Netherlands. ( 10 February 2022)

Our Newest Products

At Nida Philippine Products B. V., we aim to provide our fellow Filipinos with the best and most authentic Filipino meat taste that we miss the most.


Boiled and chopped pork meat, ears and liver (deep-frozen)

Pang-Bopis Meat

Boiled & Chopped Pork Heart & Lungs 


Chicken Skin (deep-frozen)

Crispy Pata

Deep-frozen & Cooked Pork Leg

Pork Meatloaf

Premium Quality Meaty and Tasty

Classic Favorites

Tender & Juicy Regular Hotdogs

Regular Pork & Beef Red Hotdogs

Tender & Juicy Cheese Hotdogs

Pork & Beef Hotdogs with Cheese

Tender & Juicy Jumbo Hotdogs

Pork & Beef Hotdogs with Cheese

Tender & Juicy Cocktail Hotdogs

Party-size Pork & Beef hotdogs

Tender & Juicy Chicken Hotdog

Regular Chicken Hotdogs

Tender & Juicy Chicken Cheese Hotdog

Chicken Hotdogs with Cheese

Chicken Longganisa

Available in Hamonado and Spicy flavors

Pork Longganisa

Available in Sweet & Spicy flavors


Available in Hamonado Pork and Chicken

Jumbo Skinless Grill Longganisa

Available in Pork and Chicken

Holiday Ham

Smoked and orange flavored Ham

Nida Philippine Products Collection

Available in more than 20 countries in Europe, Nida Philippine Products continue to promote the Filipino cuisine with the most favorite staple meat food on every Pinoy immigrant household. Do you have a suggestion? Message us at now!

Cooking Guide

Check out the cooking guide with tips on how to better enjoy our products.

Filipino Hotdogs

Red hotdogs are probably the most popular type of hotdog among Filipinos. Pinoys love how tender and juicy it is, that's why Nida Philippine products provide that high-quality red hotdogs in Europe.
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Chicken Skin Pang-Chicharon

Chicharon is a crunchy snack made from any(usually) skin that is marinated, dried, and fried. The most common chicharon is made from pork skin. In the Philippines, there is chicharon made from pork intestines, fish skin and chicken skin. WIth Nida Philippine products, we offer the high-quality of chicken skin best for chicharon.
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Bopis is a spicy dish made with minced pork heart and lungs cooked in ginger, garlic, onions, vinegar, and chili peppers. Some add tomatoes and annatto powder for that reddish-orange color.
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Tocino is a Filipino dish usually prepared with pork. Depending on the region where the recipe originated, it usually tastes a bit sweet and perfectly served with rice, egg and tomatoes for breakfast.
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Tocino is a Filipino dish usually prepared with pork. Depending on the region where the recipe originated, it usually tastes a bit sweet and perfectly served with rice, egg and tomatoes for breakfast.
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Sisig is a Filipino dish eaten with rice or as a side food when drinking. It is made of chopped pork meat, liver and ears, ginger, pepper, and & sauce.
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For retailer and reseller inquiries in Europe, you may contact our distributor Beagley Copperman via email or call (+31) 888 880 288 from 8:30am – 6pm (CET) on weekdays.

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