Pork Heart & Lungs

Pang-Chicharon (Chicken)


Holiday Ham

Pork Longganisa

Longganisa is a type of sausage from the Philippines that is usually a bit sweet, with hints of garlic and pepper. Nida’s Pork Longganisa’s are available in 2 flavors that the Filipinos love.  SPICY PORK LONGGANISA: For the Filipinos who love that dash of spice in their semi-sweet longganisa. SWEET PORK LONGGANISAA special blend of perfect sweetness. Best served with rice, side dishes and vinegar.

Pork Longganisa Spicy

nida pork longgansa spicy

Pork Longganisa Sweet

Chicken Longganisa

Chicken Longganisa for the chicken lovers. The healthier choice among the Longganisa sausages. People can choose out of the Spicy and Hamonado flavors.  Best served with rice, side dishes and vinegar.

Chicken Longganisa Spicy

Chicken Longganisa Hamonado


Jumbo Longganisa



Tocino is specially prepared cured meat that is popular among the Filipinos. Nida’s Tocino comes in the Hamonado taste for both chicken and pork. Perfect for everyone craving for an all-day breakfast meal.

Chicken Tocino Hamonado

Pork Tocino Hamonado

Filipino Hotdogs

Nida’s very popular Filipino tender and juicy Hotdogs. It is always a good option for breakfast, a snack, or an ingredient in Filipino recipes. 

Meaty Hotdog

Cheese Hotdog

Jumbo Hotdog

Cocktail Hotdogs

Chicken Cheese Hotdogs

Chicken Hotdog